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Concerned about the relation between nature and architecture, come the motivation to understand the mutual dialogue that they must establish, recognizing the responsibility and sensitivity necessary in the project action on a place of natural context. In parallel, the affective and emotional relation with the natural park of Serra da Estrela induced the desire to intervene in this scenario for the recognition of its value and the desire to enhance and promote a heritage that we consider praiseworthy and relevant.
In this commitment, the present work aims at the conception of a proposal for a Center of Observation and Interpretation of the Serra da Estrela Landscape. An equipment intended to increase knowledge and dissemination of the environmental heritage of Serra da Estrela, whose implantation, within the natural park, combined with the educational, interpretative and cultural component, allows the observation and contemplation of the landscape in a direct and instructed way.
In an ever-changing place, an immersive reading and in situ analysis fosters a strong relation with the landscape and its specificities. The sensorial and emotional experience established with the place stimulates an intense connection, motivating an attentive and meticulous interpretation that acknowledges the landscape as an integral and fundamental part of the project, where nature appears as protagonist of the proposal’s guidelines, as well as strengthens the relation between Man and Architecture with the place.
The concept anamnesis, which in its philosophical aspect combines memory and knowledge, shows up as a reference to the concern that justifies and resume the effort and dedication to “bring back” the value of this region, exposing the qualities that the “memory” has lost. At the same time, the concept of anamnesis, combines the desire to "reanimate" and reflect about the awareness, often "forgotten" but fundamental, in the sensitive relation between an architectural intervention and the landscape.