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Universidade do Porto

Caldas do Moledo, known as the entrance gate to the heart of the Douro thanks to its strategic position on the right bank of the river, has always been of great importance in the economic, cultural and social exchange of this region. In spite of the marked predominance of the monoculture of the vineyard, Caldas do Moledo presents pluralities and diversities along its extent, constituting an urban set greatly due to the action of one of the most outstanding per¬sonalities of the Douro, ‘Ferreirinha’.
The use of diverse perspective –temporal, space and disciplinarily oblique and eclectic–, moving away from more constricted frameworks, will open up more conscious and adjusted paths of action against the complexity of old and new relations, more perennial or admittedly non-permanent, who create the territory in 'over-placed contemporaries'. In this sense, and allied with the development of an inter-scale and multi-directional method, the proposal is divided into several moments ranging from territorial-regional to local-urban.
The construction of a revalorization strategy seeks to understand and articulate the possibilities of recovering a place full of character, history and heritage values that, although compromised by the abandonment and the passage of time, holds potentialities within the contemporary dynamics, both locally as regionally. It will be presented a vision which does not identify with the relations and superficial images of the Douro’s tourism, seeking, instead, to value different qualities and atmospheres, the Genius Loci.
It is essential to understand to carefully preserve and transform the material and imma¬terial heritage of the Douro Region, focused here in Caldas do Moledo, as much as it is imperative to reconstruct a discourse that joins tradition and progress, truly representative of a ‘Cultural, Evolving and Living Landscape ‘.