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Universidade de Évora

The presented work reflects a Network… of wills, partners, paths in a landscape, where the primary objective consists of the human order, with respect to economic, material, aesthetic, scientific and historical interests and where bridges have been established, wills were gathered and objectives materialized.
It corresponded initially to a supramunicipal project, based on the cultural and landscape touring that allowed to create conditions for the opening of a region of the interior to a tourist slope, little explored and that after its implementation, determined the appearance of the brand and product "Alentejo Feel Nature" (AFN), nowadays recognized at home and abroad.
It involved the 15 municipalities in the district of Portalegre, in the sense of requalifying and strengthening old paths, rural roads and secular sidewalks, preferably located in protected areas or integrated in the Natura 2000 and its utilization for tourist routes, based on the "Walking" product.
The reuse of these paths that mark the landscape of the Alto Alentejo, associated to the new functions of the "leisure industry", are imperative for its conservation, determinants for the perpetuation of future generations and central to the strengthening of the regional and supraregional Nature Conservation Network.
The AFN Network has 39 routes and a total of 500.35 km, and it contains 36 Small Routes with 373.85 km and 3 Great Routes with 126.50 km.
The pedestrian path PR6 PTG - Percurso do Salão Frio (Cold Hall Path), object of this project, is part of the municipal ecological structure and is an integral part of the Landscape Unit of the Serra de S. Mamede. It is a small route of the county of Portalegre, revealing the stories of the men who constructed the landscape and that comes from old rails, that once were the umbilical cord of the rural world to the city.
The AFN Network is not a static process. Its evolution should be centered on landscape and man.