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Archiprix Portugal 2016 winner: David Monteiro

Winner of Archiprix Portugal 2016: architect David Monteiro, tutored by architect Hélder Casal-Monteiro (Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto)

Archiprix Portugal 2016 Ceremony

The Jury of the 2016 edition of the Archiprix Portugal Award selected the winner among 26 nominee from the most relevant Portuguese Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture Schools. Jury members were Inês Moreira, Joana Barrelas, Luís Guedes de Carvalho, Pedro Reis e Sidónio Pardal.
The ceremony was attended by the presidents of the partner institutions, the representants of Portuguese universities, embassies, municipalities and national and international entities of the cultural sector.


David Monteiro - Genesis of a Place Towards the Project
Tutor: Hélder Casal-Ribeiro | University of Porto - Faculty of Architecture
Contact: goncalvesmonteiro.david@gmail.com

Honourable Mentions:

David Delgado - Form and Quotidian
Tutor: António Pacheco | University of Lisbon - Faculty of Architecture
Contact: davidcardosodelgado@gmail.com

Miguel Cavaleiro - Water on Water
Tutor: Miguel Baptista-Bastos | University of Lisbon - Faculty of Architecture
Contact: miguelferreiracavaleiro@gmail.com

João Tobias - Cultural Centre in Grilo
Tutor: Daniel Ferrera | Universisity of Évora - School of Arts
Contact: joao.g.tobias@gmail.com

Sara Lopes - City and Music
Tutor: Bernardo Miranda | ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon
Contact: sas-lopes@hotmail.com

Mariana Barreira - A Project for a Path
Tutor: Marco Ginoulhiac | University of Porto - Faculty of Architecture
Contact: mariana.lr.barreira@gmail.com

Laurianne Ferreira - The Old Slaughterhouse of Oporto
Tutor: Nuno Grande | University of Coimbra - School of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture
Contact: laury_9BL@hotmail.com

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