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Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias

The location known as Quarteirão das Camélias, which is currently occupied by a bus station, a sports pavilion and a car park, is in a very degraded state. It is then in the context of requalification and revitalization of this space, which was once very important in the area of Batalha, in the city of Porto, which emerges the project of the Quarteirão das Artes. Through the insertion of different buildings linked to the arts and culture, such as an art museum, a library, 10 workshops for artists, an art gallery and a cafeteria/restaurant, it was intended to create a place that attracts people and a place where they can relax and socialize, also creating for this purpose a large open garden space in which will be held outdoor art fairs. To achieve this, the buildings and vegetative elements were distributed in the space in a way so that people would focus more on these and less in the degraded back of the buildings already existing on site while they cross the block, going from the street Augusto Rosa to the street Duque de Loulé. All buildings have a general idea of interior organization, but it is the art museum, which is the main focus and also the most important building of this project, that is more developed, focusing on all aspects of greater relevance to this, starting from the general organization of spaces and the volumetric form to more specific and technical aspects, such as the infrastructures and structures of the building. The various interior spaces of the art museum were also developed through the renders, which allowed to make the best decisions in the definition of the different spaces.
With this project it is made a revitalization of a block that currently does not have an identity, through the implantation of buildings linked to culture and art, which in addition to providing learning opportunities also promote contact between the artists and the visitors.